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The Story

ChiroPatrick was founded in 2012 by Patrick Smith, DC. ChiroPatrickEvergreen evolved from ChiroPatrickDenver in 2021 after moving to Evergreen from Denver.  The idea and concept for a membership practice dates back over 2 decades while in private practice in Chicagoland. Chiropractors under care in my office would show up unannounced.  We would walk past 1000+ square feet of different therapies and modalities, check each other's spines, adjust accordingly, and that would be that.  Eventually the question of why I wasn't offering the same level of care to my clients as I sought for myself and provided for both my family and colleagues couldn't be ignored.  I simply had to create an office that allowed people to have access to regular chiropractic adjustments both conveniently and affordably.    

Passion for chiropractic.  I have benefitted from lessons of nearly 75 years of chiropractic experience that wasn't my own. Having just graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic I landed my first job as an associate chiropractor for a family office that dated back to before 1950. The family has to be one of the largest chiropractic families in history with over 40 chiropractors in their immediate and extended family. I fell in love with chiropractic immediately.  So much so that my only focus is on chiropractic.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  The removal of interference in your nervous system so it can Adapt and Function at its maximum is my sole focus.  100% chiropractic. 


Affordable membership plans available for individuals and families. ChiroPatrick does offer a per visit fee as well. There are no hidden fees. Simple, easy, and affordable.


After your first visit you will not need an appointment unless you request one. Just walk in once an established client. This is chiropractic on your time. 


ChiroPatrick is owned and operated by local Evergreen resident Patrick Smith. Our family of 5 loves Evergreen. To live and work here is a blessing.

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